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Workshop on "Reverdecer" by the Research Group Blurring Boundaries in Cooperation With the Universidad de los Andes

News from Jul 04, 2024

On June 13th, the workshop Reverdecer: prácticas, fronteras jurídicas y resistencias took place in Bogotá (Colombia). It was organized by Hannah Franzki and Angela María Sánchez Alfonso (research group Blurring Boundaries) in cooperation with Carolina Olarte Olarte (Universidad de los Andes).

The workshop participants engaged with the connections between law, a "greening" under capitalist accumulation ("green capitalism" / "greenwashing") and the related socio-ecological violence. They discussed possibilities of talking about "greening", how it is used fro capitalist ends and which opportunities of resistance it opens up.

The event was the beginning of a cooperation between INTERACT and the Universidad de los Andes.

Workshop concept (in Spanish)

Workshop program (in Spanish)

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