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David Teiner

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Universität Trier


Nachwuchsgruppe "Radical Spaces"


Zentrum für interdisziplinäre Friedens- und Konfliktforschung
Altensteinstraße 48
14195 Berlin

David Teiner is a PhD Student and Research Assistant at the Chair of International Relations and Foreign Policy at Trier University. His research interests focus on UN peacekeeping, critical security studies, civil war dynamics, organizational behavior of armed groups, and political violence. He also holds a position as an Associated Researcher at Freie Universität Berlin’s Center for Interdisciplinary Peace and Conflict Research and serves as an Assistant Editor for Information Resources at Perspectives on Terrorism. In this position, David has published several bibliographies in the fields of Peace and Conflict Studies and Terrorism Studies.

Research interests:

  • International Organisations
  • International Conflict Interventions
  • Rebel Governance and Legitimacy Politics of Violent Non-State Actors
  • Extremism and Political Violence

Selected publications:

  • Teiner, David (2022): Bibliography: The Conflict in Libya. Perspectives on Terrorism16(1), 105-144.
  • Teiner, David; Furlan, Marta; Lokmanoglu, Ayse D.; McDonald, Brody (2021): Bibliography: Rebel Governance. Perspectives on Terrorism15(5), 145-165.
  • Teiner, David (2021): Bibliography: Hamas. Perspectives on Terrorism15(4), 240-257.
  • Teiner, David (2021): The Islamic State’s Rebel Governance: A Combined Approach of Conceptual Classification and Qualitative Analysis of Administrative Documents. Masterarbeit, Universität Trier.
  • Teiner, David (2021): Bibliography: Al-Shabaab. Perspectives on Terrorism15(2), 240-273.
  • Teiner, David (2021): Bibliography: Civilian Casualties of Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism. Perspectives on Terrorism15(1), 202-227.
  • Teiner, David (2020): Cartel-Related Violence in Mexico as Narco-Terrorism or Criminal Insurgency: A Literature Review. Perspectives on Terrorism14(4), 83-98.