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Vortrag von Jannis Grimm bei der #GeoWoche2021

News vom 07.10.2021

Panel discussion "Research (im)possible? - Research in & with the Global South in times of Covid-19", Vortrag von Jannis Grimm bei der #GeoWoche2021

This event addresses the question of how research in and with colleagues and partners in the Global South can be meaningfully designed in times of Covid-19. For many geographers and other scientists, research stays abroad have been limited and changed by the global Covid-19 pandemic. In particular, the (uncertainty in) estimation of spread dynamics has led to research trips being stopped, cancelled, and postponed. While the (temporary) withdrawal from "research in the Global South" is discussed on the one hand as an expression of global solidarity to contain the spread, other actors argue for the social necessity and responsibility to conduct empirical research on the ground, in order to be able to analyse and communicate inequalities that are becoming even more visible in the pandemic.

Panel discussants:

Dr. Wangui Kimari (University of Cape Town)
Dr. Jannis Julien Grimm (Freie Universität Berlin / ipb, Institut für Protest- und Bewegungsforschung)
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Iris Dzudzek (Universität Münster, Institut für Geographie)

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