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New Review of "Transitional justice in process" (Salehi, 2022)

News vom 04.10.2022

Take a look at Maria Gloria Polimeno's review of "Transitional justice in process: plans and politics in Tunisia" by Dr. Mariam Salehi which was just published in "International Affairs".

"Salehi offers an original framework missing from existing studies in the field that can be applied beyond the case-study of Tunisia and in countries undergoing similar processes. Salehi's contribution improves the existing knowledge on the technocratization and bureaucratization of transitional justice. Nonetheless, Salehi warns that these two determinants should not be understood through the lenses of depoliticization, at least in the Tunisian setting. The book offers a useful approach for understanding justice in the contexts of transition and conflict resolution."

Maria Gloria Polimeno, Transitional justice in process: plans and politics in Tunisia, International Affairs, Volume 98, Issue 5, September 2022, Pages 1823–1825.

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