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Save the Date: Dr. Jannis Grimm at LSE Contentious Politics series (9 November)

News from Oct 10, 2022

Dr. Jannis Julien Grimm (Freie Universität Berlin, INTERACT Center for Interdisciplinary Peace and Conflict Research) will be presenting his recently published book "Contested Legitimacies: Revolt and Repression in PostRevolutionary Egypt" at the LSE Contentious Politics Workshop.

Where: hybrid, via Zoom and at LSE campus, CBG. 2.04

When: Wednesday, 9 November 2022, 2pm CET.

About the LSE Contentious Politics Workshop

The LSE Contentious Politics Workshop is a forum for dialogue between research students and faculty, currently from anthropology, history, politics, and sociology, with a shared interest in phenomena of political mobilisation outside and against the corridors of power. In our conceptualisation, contentious politics is a broad field ranging from traditional forms of collective action and labour mobilisation to popular resistance, armed struggle, social movements, uprisings, civil wars, and revolutions. We believe that this necessitates a mode of enquiry that is interdisciplinary, historicising, and spatially encompassing.

The workshop especially seeks to enable a discussion of contentious politics beyond the focus of classical "Social Movement Theory" research on well organised forms of mobilisation that “rationally” navigate a political field that is understood as liberal and democratic. We believe that, by broadening our purview theoretically as well as through empirical foci outside of Europe and North America, the field can move towards greater attention to issues that have thus far received less systematic treatment. These include, but are not limited to, (global) subaltern social groups, power in its hegemonic and discursive articulations, the role of intellectual labour, normative commitments and ideology, the formation and coherence of autonomous spaces, both materially and ideationally, as well as of the actors that populate them, and questions of creative agency.

Members of all social science disciplines and constituent colleges of the University of London and further afield are welcome to join the workshop. We are an open forum and keen for you to get in touch with us if you are interested in attending or in presenting your work. Of course, you can also simply drop by and join one of our sessions to have a look. To be put on the mailing list and receive information about events, readings, and Zoom links, please email Rune Larsen (r.w.larsen@lse.ac.uk) or Özgün Aksakal (O.Aksakal@lse.ac.uk).

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