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Symposium: Back to Field: Uncertainty and Risk in Field Research



Dr. Jannis Grimm and colleagues publish new symposium on fieldwork in post-pandemic times in the fall issue of QMMR

News vom 13.12.2022

Back to field: uncertainty and risk in field research

Grimm, Jannis; Lust, Ellen; Koehler, Kevin; Parkinson, Sarah; Schierenbeck, Isabell; Zayed, Dina

The rapid spread of COVID-19 beginning in early 2020 caused global disruption. As the risk of infection rose and public health authorities around the world enacted measures to contain the virus, everyday life ground to a halt. Activities that seemed routine in late 2019 became fraught with uncertainty. Fieldwork was no exception. Most field researchers had to change or cancel at least some of their plans; some left their field in a hurry before travel was shut down while others had to lock down on site; most academic institutions restricted travel, with some even prohibiting all forms of international movement. In brief, many traditional forms of fieldwork became all but impossible during the pandemic. 

The symposum includes the following articles:

1. Back to Field: Uncertainty and Risk in Field Research (Jannis J. Grimm, Ellen Lust, Kevin Koehler, Sarah E. Parkinson, Isabell Schierenbeck, and Dina Zayed)

2. Lessons for Safer Fieldwork Practices from the Covid Pandemic .(Ellen Lust and Isabell Schierenbeck)

3. Managing Uncertainty: How Risk Assessment Can Empower Field Research (Kevin Koehler)

4. The Mixed Blessing of Digital Fieldwork: Digital Security and Ethical Dilemmas of Remote Research during and after the Pandemic (Jannis Julien Grimm)

5. Reflexive Advising: Engaged Mentorship for Safe and Ethical Research Practice (Sarah E. Parkinson and Dina Zayed)

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